April 23, 2018

Product development company Treon, antenna design company Radientum and design agency Omuus have joined forces to offer their customers the best possible way to start a hardware product development project. Companies bring together a pool of world-class product development specialists, working as one team, to shape customer ideas into a product concepts in a short but intensive sprint.

In a 5 day or 5+5 days package, companies turn the customer brief into a design concept with 3D visualizations as well as the first analysis of mechanics construction, manufacturability, and cost. And in cases where the product size and wireless antenna performance are critical, the larger package includes an analysis of electronics, printed circuit board size estimate and antenna concept.

“This is the best way to start a product development project where industrial design is a key product driver. Quickly and cost-efficiently, customer gets a design vision as well as a good idea what it would take from engineering perspective to bring it to life,” says Heikki Kangasmaa, a Design Manager and ID specialist from Omuus.

All three companies share a common background from decades of developing intelligent and wirelessly connected devices in the fast-moving smartphone industry. It makes a world of difference to customers in the most demanding product development projects: all aspects that impact the product are considered from early stages of development.

“We have delivered many products with Omuus and Radientum. We have such a high respect for their expertise,” says Jari Toivanen, Chief Engineer from Treon. “Treon’s mechanics and electronics specialist are used to working with industrial designers from Omuus. They understand what it means to engineer design led products, yet strike the right balance with other product drivers, such as cost, quality and performance.”

Jukka Sjöstedt, the Radientum CEO, agrees “The best results come from design and engineering working closely together from the very beginning of the project. For example, with Radientum’s knowledge on simulation methods we can quickly analyse the impact of different materials, product size and shape to wireless antenna performance. With the right team, great design can come with great performance.”

“Sprint concepting package helps customer get started and based on tangible deliverables, helps them to make good decisions. And when the project moves forward to productization, we can cover the whole development process from product concept to production,” Heikki Kangasmaa concludes.