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Treon products and custom designs collect the data your business needs and connect anything from single to thousands of devices to cloud platforms, using the most efficient wireless technologies. Our services range from designing hardware building blocks for larger IOT-solutions to delivering complete and tailored solutions with built-for-purpose wireless devices, cloud service and analytics together with our partners.

Our products

Treon Gateway and Node

Treon Gateway and Node are ready building blocks for IoT-networks. Both run a Wirepas Mesh connectivity software making them a perfect choice for large-scale mesh-networks for sensor data collection and asset management in smart buildings, cities and factories.

Battery-powered Treon Node is packed with sensors to measure a wide range of data from environmental quality to machine vibrations. The node has been designed to be versatile with dual microcontrollers and stand conditions as water and dust-proof. Treon Gateway is the link between a mesh of sensor-nodes and backends. It collects, processes and transmits data to the cloud. Treon Gateway supports a wide range of wired and wireless connectivity, integrates with cloud platforms, is extendable and runs edge applications.

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Custom Designs

Built for purpose – just what your business needs

For customers with specific needs, we partner to design custom IoT-solutions. These can be built by modifying our existing IoT-products, both hardware and firmware, or by creating completely new product designs. We can add new sensors to capture more data, change the wireless connectivity to fit different environments or cost-optimize the hardware to include only what is needed and nothing more. Whatever data your business needs, we can deliver the needed building blocks and help you to deploy the solution. Together with our partners, we can provide a complete solution with cloud backend and analytics.



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