Designing the Gryphon Connect

Gryphon Secure

Designing the Gryphon Connect

Gryphon Connect provides secure, end-to-end encryption for voice and data connectivity for ultra-secure communication needs. Treon made it a premium device that aligns with qualities of Gryphon Secure brand.

In the age of digital transformation, protecting secrets and confidential data, including voice calls and messaging, has become increasingly important for governments and enterprise. Gryphon Secure answers the demand with real-time, end-to-end cryptography together with comprehensive product portfolio.

 “Our focus is to provide easy to use, total solution for safe and secure communications to our customers. People and teams can discuss, chat and share data securely. For users it means trust; no one can listen, monitor or alter the information between the sender and receiver”, says Tommi Leino, Vice President of Research and Development at Gryphon Secure. 

Gryphon Connect enables secure end-to-end encrypted communication and data exchange between office locations and people on the move. It has LAN ports and Wi-Fi to connect and secure end points, such as VoIP phones, laptops, tablets, smartphones and IoT-devices.

The device is a central part of Gryphon Secure Assure Communications Suite.

“The essential point is the privacy. All data, sent and received, are end-to-end encrypted”, says Leino. “Whether it’s a VOIP desk phone in the office or a laptop in remote location, both can join a safe and secure network environment via Gryphon Connect. This allows for immediate protection of all data communication.” 

To look the part

 The early prototype of Gryphon Connect was larger, standard enclosure. However, based on customer feedback, the need required was a smaller, premium device.

Gryphon contacted Treon to start developing a device based on customer feedback. Tommi requested the Gryphon Connect to be significantly smaller than the prototype. It needed to look and feel like the premium device that a CEO or a Head of State can use.

“Treon understood very quickly. They have a vast experience of designing electronics and mechanics for demanding products and it shows”, stated Leino.

Treon teamed up with, its partner, design agency Omuus to make sure the device would be visually as impressive as possible.

“Designing products that are beautiful, functional and yet well manufacturable is an iterative process between design and engineering. With a decade of experience working together with Omuus designers, I can say we have mastered it”, says Mikko Vesa, senior designer from Treon. He was responsible for the mechanics design of Gryphon Connect. 

Smaller and neater

The selected materials were CNC machined and anodized aluminum frame with diamond cut finish and CNC machined glass. Only the best was good enough.

“The challenge was to find suppliers that were able to meet our quality requirements with reasonable expenses. The sourcing activities took some time”, Vesa says.

Senior Designer Eero Karapalo designed the electronics, based on the earlier prototype. The board needed a serious reduction in size. The volume of the device was reduced by 67%.

“We upgraded the electronics a little and packed them a lot tighter on the board”, Karapalo mentions. 

The cooperation between Gryphon Secure and Treon was easy and smooth. Leino compliments Treon for being able to reflect and fix things quickly on the go. As a result, the finished product looks valuable, discreet and premium. The product has been well received among the clients and it has raised interest in many new customers.

“Gryphon Connect is becoming a central part of the Gryphon portfolio and a product that differentiates us from our competitors”, stated Leino.