Treon’s and Intopalo’s expertise in intelligent IOT solutions helps customers put business first

12 June 2017

The internet of things (IoT) and Industrial Internet (IIoT) have been hot topics across many industries for the past years. Recent developments in pervasiveness of connectivity, advances in data science and machine learning as well as reductions in the cost and power consumption of hardware are now making it possible for companies to deploy IoT-solutions more effortlessly and cost-efficiently than ever before. While there are many examples of IoT-solutions generating tremendous value and cost savings for companies, many are still waiting to get started.

Understanding what information need to be collected and processed to deliver business value, keeping deployment and maintenance of IoT infrastructure cost efficient and ensuring high levels of security to maintain trust are some of the most crucial parts for any company to make the best out of investments into IoT.

Treon and Intopalo, both companies with strong Nokia and Microsoft backgrounds, have joined forces in collaborative partnership to offer a one stop shop for creating complete IoT solutions, designed to deliver on the IoT- fundamentals – business value, efficiency and security.

The two companies’ expertise covers everything from hardware to software and cloud services. Because of this the customer can trust their partner’s ability to think through the complete solution and even map out new business opportunities related to IoT. “At Treon we have the skills needed in wireless connectivity, mechanics and electronics design and Intopalo has the best expertise in cloud-based software, data analysis and security. Our partnership offers a complete solution to all mission critical IoT product design and development needs” comments Chief Technology Officer Ismo Manninen from Treon.

Intopalo started off as a software company but has since broadened its services to include market analysis and consulting in digital transformation processes. “The product development process should always be based on solid understanding of the business needs. Careful business and market analysis drive the overall design and experience so that the IoT solutions are secure, pleasant to use and deliver genuine business value,” comments Cyber Security Lead Henry Haverinen from Intopalo. 

Making the best use of existing investments, securely

Many of the industries that can benefit from IoT solutions have a high capital intensity. Treon’s and Intopalo’s experience and intelligence in business design make sure that the customer benefits from IoT in a financially sensible manner. “When building a solution for our customers we analyse the situation and find a way to utilise the current structures and processes as much as possible. Just as an example, special attention must be paid to designing the in-built product maintenance processes. There’s no way you can keep a hundred men on stand-by to update thousands of wireless sensors if a security threat or other issue pops up. Security and effortless maintenance are an integral part of the IoT design process,” Manninen points out.

Good security design covers management as well as all the preceding steps from development to acceptance testing and staff training. “Security is built on the awareness of the people in charge of R&D, on having the right methods for acknowledging threats and planning how to tackle them, and on applying the right technical controls. Security is never completely done. The landscape is changing with the new, simpler and smaller connected devices used everywhere. New technologies such as machine learning are making headway and they can be applied by attackers and defenders alike” notes Haverinen.

System security is usually in order if you do not have to think about it at all. A good flow and the feel of ease is the essence of Treon’s and Intopalo’s partnership as well. “Our product development processes and partnerships are always based on mutual trust. Just like the products that end up in the hands of our customers,” sums up Manninen.