March 11, 2018

The new CEO Joni Korppi started in the role in the beginning of August, and interim CEO Jari Toivanen is now able to fully focus on leading the product development and solving engineering challenges as the Chief Engineer. They both are founding members of Treon, and now they can dedicate their time to what they love the most.

“This is as we have planned from the beginning,” Toivanen comments. “During the first year, the role of CEO was not yet too demanding and I was able to manage those duties and be involved in engineering at the same time. Joni managed the sales and finance. Now, the company is growing and CEO role grows as well, and this is the perfect timing for Joni to take over and lead and grow the business further. “

Joni Korppi had two roles until the end of July. He was working for Microsoft as a coach and mentor for start-up companies, and couldn’t take the CEO role in his own company before August. “The support from Microsoft has been valuable and important for Treon,” Korppi tells. Besides providing consultation and assistance, Microsoft has also been a former employer for many Treon experts. “We have highly skilled and passionate professionals at Treon. It wouldn’t have been possible to come this far in less than a year if we didn’t have the expertise we have,” Korppi says proudly.

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Established only a year ago, Treon is now where it wants to be. The first year suggests a prosperous future for the product development company. The team of seven employees has grown to 17 persons, with competence to design and deliver demanding hardware products and solutions. The team recently moved into larger premises in Tampere Technology hub Hermia, with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. The prospects for the two primary business areas, custom product designs for B2B customers and Treon’s own IoT products and solutions, are looking good. There are new products coming to market during autumn, and Korppi and Toivanen are positive about the future.

“If the demand stays as high and customer-driven as it has done so far, we have nothing to worry about,” Toivanen says. “We need to keep the bar high and think big,” Korppi continues and adds that the goal for Treon is to double the revenue every year. “Within the next year, Treon reaches for the international markets,” Korppi concludes.